Quartz tiles will become a substitute for natural stone tile

Washington (reporter Chen Qiujian) due to the non-renewable nature of natural stone, imitation stone products by the market favorite. Quartz tiles is Italy's leading ceramic tile category. Due to the special production technology and formula of raw materials, under non-constant temperature calcination and changing pressure conditions, quartz tiles in dense brick forming quartz crystal-like structure, brick water absorption rate of less than 0.1%, with high density, hardness, resistance to bending, abrasion resistant, stain resistant moisture-proof and so on. Quartz tiles are Italy high-end ceramic tiles brand one of the product categories, not many manufacturers currently specializing in the production of silica brick. In addition to Italy, only a few tile factories in China formed formalization, specialization of production capacities. Where is the national leader in the field.

On March 4, the silica brick headquarters in Foshan to the visiting media introduces the company's quartz tiles. Executive Yao Wenjiang, Deputy Chief Fang Chengjie, Chief branding officer Zhang accepted a collective interview all trade media journalists, media friends to unravel the mysteries of silica brick.

According to Yao Wenjiang introduction, view refers to the attitudes, Gres is the tile's roots, so familiar friends within the industry are often called "tiles". Yao Wenjiang technical descent and later to join the trade, and finally set up his own company, the creation of a brand. 2010 fully working European and American markets, developed the world's first 2cm quartz porcelain.


Inside, two in quartz tiles with low water absorption property

2cm quartz porcelain won the recognition and respect of customers in Europe and America, in 2015, with "natural aesthetics" defined as the core concept of product ———1cm quartz tile available, advocating quartz tile indoor & outdoor "indoor/outdoor" application of new concepts.

Team to reporters, British brick is a brick inside, water absorption rate of less than 0.1%, a quartz crystal of dense non-porous composite tile materials.

According to introduced, quartz brick reproduction has natural stone of texture, and delicate of touch and realistic of Visual effect, restore natural stone of Quintana texture, makes brick body for inside, and dense no hole, can perfect restore natural stone of texture, and touch, Visual sense and Quintana texture, will decorative effect and practical can perfect combined, is natural stone of very better alternative products, and also has no radiation, chromatic aberration small, and flaws less, and not seepage infiltration dirt, and easy care, and supply cycle short, advantage.

Quartz tiles brick dense water absorption rate of less than 0.1%, the industry leading levels. Makes quartz tiles with low water absorption on surface of liquid for a long time almost impermeable embryo, not easy to yellow color, suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration.

Technology advantage leading the development of quartz tiles

The successful experience of the European and American markets team firmly believes that only by sticking to independent innovation, improve production technology foothold in the market. From the 2cm of the world's first quartz porcelain, to advocate the concept of indoor and outdoor applications, the team put a lot of hard work in research and development. Yao Wenjiang told reporters, quartz tiles with a number of independent innovation. In terms of recycling waste, industrial one-third tailings as raw materials has applied for a patent, and became the first to apply for United States green building certification of building materials enterprises.

Due to the input-output ratio well above industry, from this point of view, quartz tile is an environmentally friendly product. And because it is a high-end product, so that there is more energy to energy conservation and environmental protection updates. In addition, according to Yao Wenjiang introduced, and some research institutions, strong research and development of honeycomb ceramics in addition to nitrogen, to make up for this gap.

According to reports, quartz tiles has a strong production team, product design studio in North America, New York, and the introduction of the world's top production equipment and the establishment of product test center, with perfect management system to ensure that products are certified by relevant national standards.

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